Breakthrough WP Plugin Allows You To Easily and Quickly Monetize Other Peoples Videos On Your Site By Showing Your Ads Inside Those Videos

Allow Me Just 3 Minutes of Your Time And I'll Show You How We Make Money With Other Peoples Videos, On Our Sites, By Showing Our Own Ads Instead of Theirs...

Getting traffic to your site is already a tough enough task, right?

But monetizing that traffic is even harder, especially for small websites that have a hard time getting accepted in the big networks.

But don't worry because we are here to help you with that.

What I am about to share with you is a complete game changer when it comes to monetizing your sites video content.

And it doesn't matter if you run a small news/general topic website, a massive viral site or even a PornTube site.

If you are in the business of running a website then you already know that getting decent sums of money from video content is extremely hard, especially if you're in the 'general' niches.

Your site users are always focused on the content of your videos which means the ads in your sidebar, and text content, tend to go unnoticed.

That's bad and it's the reason why your video content isn't earning you the money that it should right now.

Let's face it, when someone comes to your site to watch a video, their eyes are focused on that video which makes it so much harder for you to earn money from your site, right?

This is especially so when it comes to Porn/Adult related content. We all know where the eyes are on those videos!

If you're still trying to make money from your video content site the old way then you're missing out on making a large amount of money.

If you really want to make money with your sites video content then you need to make sure that your ads are exactly where your visitors are looking.....

And that means putting your ads right inside of the videos on your site, even when you're using other peoples videos.

And it's for that reason why we created the Video Ad Splasher WP Plugin

Monetize your content banner
These Powerful Features Are Designed To Make You More Money From Every View Of Your Sites Videos
Monetize Videos From Any Source
It doesn't matter from where you fetch your videos, be that YouTube, PornHub or even a pirated movie stream, the plugin can monetize it.

We wanted to make sure that it's as easy as possible for you to use video content from almost any source so you can make money from it.
Advertise your own offers
You don't have to use an ad network to monetize your videos though. You can add in ANY banner or ad of your own to promote any product or service that you choose. You can even promote your own opt-in pages if you wish.
Up to 5 different layers of advertising
Each video is different and for that reason we made it possible for you to choose from up to 5 different placements for your ad to be shown inside each video.

Choose from the left hand side, right hand side, the top, the bottom or the center of the video, to display your ad.

You can even choose a combination of those 5 placements.
Repeatable ads
Does your site contain longer videos?

With the Video Ad Splasher you can set the ads to reappear as often as you want during the video to make sure the ads gets as much exposure as possible.

This means that even after the visitor closes your ad, you can set the ad to show again after a set period of time chosen by you.

This gives your ads even more exposure which helps to increase your CTR and earnings.
Close button delay
Don't want your users to be able to immediately close your ads?

No problem. You can set a delay for the close button to appear so they have to view your ad for a set period of time that you choose.

Or, you could be really sneaky an use an ad that has a fake close button on it which means when the user clicks it, instead of closing the ad, it will take them to your landing page/offer.

This is an incredibly powerful technique that sky rockets your CTR and earnings.
Automatic Monetization of all previous videos
Already have a site with video content?

We've got you covered there. The Video Ad Splasher WP plugin will automatically monetize all of your sites current videos as well as all future ones that you add to your site.

This has to be the easiest way to monetize a sites video content in the fastest time possible.
Your ads appear on top of the original video ads
This feature is incredibly powerful and a little sneaky.

If the videos on your site already have ads in them then don't worry, we've got you covered on that part too.

The plugin is designed to cover all ads that are already embedded in to the videos that you use which makes sure that YOUR ads are seen instead of the original ones.

Talk about clever.

The Video Ad Splasher is Perfect For...

Sites suitable for
Those Are Just A Few Ways You Can Use the Video Ad Splasher To Make Money From Video Content On Your Site...
We've only scratched the surface when it comes to using the Video Ad Splasher to make money with video content on your site.

The Video Ad Splasher plugin is a complete game changer for anyone who is struggling to make money from the video content on their site, or for those who want to build a video content site but don't know how to easily monetize the content.

Here's A Quick Example of How You Can Use The Video Ad Splasher To Promote Products On Amazon

Imagine you're promoting the Vita-Mix on Amazon. That's a pretty expensive blender, right?

So, you set up a quick Vita-Mix site using WP and fill it with other peoples great videos from YouTube about the blender and then use the Video Ad Splasher plugin to display YOUR ads for the blender on Amazon.

The person watching the video can't avoid seeing your ad and they are primed to click and the purchase of the Vita-Mix right there.

You could do this with 100's of different products on Amazon. As long as there is an existing video for that product you can set up a site to promote it using other peoples videos with your affiliate linked ad right inside of that video.

Let Me Show You What I Mean...

Have a look at an example of this on a demo site that we set up with the Video Ad Splasher installed. The site has a single video for the VitaMix blender.

The video is from the Official VitaMix YouTube channel and when you click the play button of the video it will cause my ad to appear inside the video. You'll notice that the ad can't be closed for 10 seconds and after it has been closed, it will reappear 10 seconds later.

This causes your CTR and conversions to sky rocket.

Here's the link for the demo site which will open in a new window

  • Perfect Solution for Monetizing Affiliate Sites That Have Video Content
  • Ideal Solution For Monetizing Adult Related Video Content
  • Easily Monetize Your Sites Entire Video Content
  • Automatically Monetize Existing Video Content And All Future Videos That You Add To Your Site
  • Easily Monetize News Sites
  • Monetize Your Sites Funny Videos Quickly and Easily
  • Your Ads Appear Right Inside of The Videos So They Can't Be Missed
  • Your Ads Appear Over the Top of Existing Ads
  • Quickly and Easily Monetize TV Series Sites and Movie Sites
  • Works On All Sef-Hosted WordPress Sites
  • Installs Just Like Any Other WP Plugin
  • Create Amazon Affiliate Sites With Video Content And Easily Monetize Those Videos
It's time to open up the true earning potential of the video content on your site and the Video Ad Splasher makes it complete childs play for anyone, regardless of your experience or technical knowledge.

The Video Ad Splasher WP plugin does everything for you. All you need to do is decide what ads you want to appear inside the videos on your site.

The Video Ad Splasher takes care of the rest.
Monetize Every Video On Your Site In 5 Minutes Or Less....

Single Site License
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Video Ad Splasher Single Site

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Install the Plugin on 20 WP sites.
Video Ad Splasher Gold

One Time Payment - Instant Access - Lifetime Updates
When you order your copy of the Video Ad Splasher WP plugin you'll get instant access, Lifeetime Updates and full access to our dedicated customer support desk.

As soon as your order is complete you'll be transferred to a page within our secure site where you can download the plugin. On that page will also be your license key, a link to our customer support desk and links to the PDF user guide for the plugin.

Try the Video Ad Splasher WP Plugin, Risk Free, for 30-Days

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We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

Single Site License
Install the Plugin on a single WP site.
Video Ad Splasher Single Site

5 Site License
Install the Plugin on 5 WP Sites.
Video Ad Splasher Multi-Site

20 Site License
Install the Plugin on 20 WP sites.
Video Ad Splasher Gold

One Time Payment - Instant Access - Lifetime Updates

If you have any questions about the plugin then please feel free to get in touch with us. You can use the contact form below to reach us directly and we're always happy to answer any questions you have about the plugin.

I look forward to welcoming you as a user of the Video Ad Splasher WP plugin,


 Michael Sherriff